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Three Things To Ask Your Employer About Maternity Leave

Hey y'all,

It's been a while . However, I'm back with a quick post regarding MATERNITY LEAVE. I really want to focus the next few post on the tail end of pregnancy and post birth. One thing that typically stressed me out was maternity leave but, siiiiis Im here for you. I am going to help you with three key questions you should ask your employer when prepping for Maternity Leave. So here we go :

  1. IS IT PAID ????!!! A lot of employers will give you 6-8 weeks off some even more. The only thing is , it is typically through FMLA which is really just securing your job but not paid. If it is paid is it coming from a separate leave bucket or strictly accrued PTO. There is definitely a difference!! Be sure to ask for clarity sis!

  2. How long is your leave?? Be specific!!! This is going to help you plan your time getting your baby acclimated to a new schedule and how quickly you need to find childcare.

  3. If you are breastfeeding is there a designated room for you to pump when you return ?? What arrangements will be made for you? This is extremely important as you don't want to have to worry about this ,as breastfeeding and being away from baby can be stressful as is.

This is a great start to get the questions flowing and conversation with HR. Don't panic we still have got more to do but I'm walking with you! Like and comment if this post helped and you would like more tips for post birth.

With purpose,

The Millennial Mom


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