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How to survive Target( I think)

Have you ever gone into Target for vitamins and bandaids and come out with a new rug, picture for your living room, new bed set for the guest room, that hair product you have been meaning to try, and a few cute outfits for the kids?? A 20 dollar trip quickly turned into $200.00 and you just can't seem to understand how that even happened? I mean who put this stuff in the basket, proceeded to pay for it, and walk out of the store. We did thats who!!!

Let's face it, we have ALL been there. Well, guys I think I have a solution. I have turned Target into the place I go for some me time. I have come to the conclusion that if I go in frequently I will already know what is and is not in stock. If it is something I absolutely do not need at the moment, I put it on my wish list(notes section in my phone). If it is there the next time i do my morning or afternoon stroll (and within budget)well its going in the basket!

Here is the great thing about this, I have found that i enjoy mindlessly strolling through the aisle's of Target. Call me crazy but, it's kind of peaceful. This method has SIGNIFICANTLY cut down my spending at Target. I found that if the item is there the next time I go I either am no longer interested in, it's not in stock, or It's still there and meant for me to buy!! The other pro is after I leave I feel like I have had some ME time. If i did choose to buy something, I feel confident in purchase, and I just had a quick little self care session. It's a win win!

I say all of this to say, to my avid Target shoppers. You are not alone. You are probably laughing at me right now because I am making this sound as if we are addicts but hey let's just call it what it is! Okay so, try this method and let me know what you

With purpose,

The Millennial Mom

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1 Comment

I’ve been meaning to try this! Good tips sis 👌🏾👌🏾

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