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Updated: Aug 11, 2020

We all remember looking in the mirror, heart racing, and chest a little tight once we found that first stretch mark on our bellies. We lathered with creams, expensive oils, said a few prayers, and read all the tips and tricks on how to prevent them. Somehow, they still showed up and if you are like me -- they aren't just little tiny faded stripes. OHHHH NNOO!! These bad boys came with a vengeance and are here to stay.

So, then the question becomes how do we move forward? Is our confidence ripped to shreds a little? Can we wear two piece's to the beach? Are crop tops acceptable? Will it be the first thing people notice? I have to be honest and tell you guys I have asked myself these questions for years. So much so that I have convinced myself that people have x-ray vision and can see right through my big baggy shirt I have strategically put on to not only hide the loose skin that remains from birthing three babies but, those award winning stretch marks.

This year I have stepped out in confidence to show them and make myself comfortable. No matter how many times my husband tells me "honey you look great , I can barely see them" or, my friends say "girl those are just reminders of those beautiful babies". It doesn't take away the fact that I wasn't comfortable in my own skin. I realized as I begin to post things here and there that I was not the only woman who felt this way by far. This was encouraging, encouraging to the point that as you are reading this I want you to look down at those babies(the stretch marks not the kids, it's not about them right now) and thank them for inducting you into a society of gorgeous women who have amazing bodies and will from this day forward be proud!! It's easier said than done, I know. We can do this ! Here's what I want you to do. Go find that crop top that you buried in the back of your dresser and put it on. Strut around the house with your head held high, and do it everyday until you are ready to take it a step further and step outside. To my ladies who are not yet moms or mothers to be. I hope you read this and are encouraged that if/when you find that first stretch mark that you have just joined the club. We will support you and uplift you. You got this!! Welcome to the club Mama!

With purpose,

The Millennial Mom


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