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What's for dinner??!!!

Hey Mamas!! Do you typically get stumped on what to make for dinner?! With new schedules and a whole new normal among us, I have been doing my best to plan ahead. As i navigate through this new season of life I will share things that I have found help me. Well, I created this little meal plan to help with organization and days where I just don't know what to make!! If you notice there is also an "eat out pass" noted and those are the days Mama AINT COOKING. So, we are picking something up or getting it delivered.I don't always use the pass but i built it into the plan because sometimes cooking a full meal after a long day just isn't happening. Tag @_themillennialmoms on instagram when you make something from the list!!

Happy Cooking!! Hope this helps :)

With purpose,

The Millennial Mom

1 comment

1 Comment

Ooo I just bought some chicken thighs for this week! Might have to try bbq for them

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