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The Millennial Moms Club isn't just a community, it's a lifestyle.

Enter a space that was intentionally created with the modern mother in mind. 

Welcome to the club!

message from the CEO & Founder 


My name is Morgan Taylor, a Virginia Beach native, and I started MMC in October of 2018. It was after my third child when I experienced PPD for the very first time that I realized there was a lack of resources, community and platforms for women of color. I wanted to create a space for more women to be able to come together and learn from each other. I also recognized the need for women to feel seen, heard and empowered. My prayer for this space is to not just be an organization, but an opportunity to redefine what motherhood looks like. As a wife and mom of three, I understand what it feels like to juggle and sometimes forget who you were before the sub-titles. I'm here to remind you that you are not alone and there is freedom in knowing motherhood can look differently from what we knew and saw in previous generations. If I could leave you with one thing? It would be to know that perfection and seemingly having it all together is a prison, grace is your portion, and it overflows in this space. 



The Millennial Moms exist to create a space that prioritizes the health, wealth, and ingenuity of all women in the following target areas: 

- Parenting advice and services 

-Mental, emotional, and physical health/revitalization

-Tips on maintaining inner and outer beauty. 

-The overall philosophy of motherhood. 

The Millennial Moms Club seeks to provide resources, events, an opportunity for other women to build community within their area and healthy conversation around topics we are all  faced with in our day to day living. 



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